The Jetseeker Team




Lindsay has been involved in Jet Boating for over 30 years and was a founding executive member of the New Zealand Commercial Jet Boat Association.

In 1989 Lindsay established Waimak Alpine Jet. This company started with one 4 seat Jet Boat and no client base. In 2004 Waimak Alpine Jet sold with Three 22 seat Jet Boats operating, carrying 20,000 passengers annually.

Lindsay raced Jet Boats from 1989 finishing in 2001.

His experience is unequalled!

Lindsay was on a working panel set up by Maritime New Zealand dealing with the rules regarding the Commercial Jet Boating Industry. He was heavily involved in the introduction of Maritime New Zealand Rule Part 82.

Lindsay is the only person in New Zealand recognized by Maritime New Zealand to carry out driver training throughout New Zealand and he has formulated many Safe Operational Plans. Lindsay has a full understanding of the issues effecting the Commercial Jet Boat industry and the operators and is heavily involved with many throughout New Zealand and Internationally. Gaining experienced advise on your choice of Jet Boat, specifically to meet the requirements of your proposed or existing operation is paramount, this is where Lindsay comes in. His experience is unequalled!


Gareth has been around Jet Boats since he was born taking an active role in helping out at the river and workshop of the family business Waimak Alpine Jet. He has been driving Jet Boats since his feet could reach the pedals. Gareth now races alongside his brother Andy as navigator in A class with several successes under his belt. Gareth is sought after as the preferred hull technician for many of the top race crews in New Zealand. Having first-hand experience as both boat builder and head of his race crew he knows what is required from all aspects. In fact the first Tunnel Hull to be produced by Jetseeker is currently being developed.
Good lines are assured!

Gareth has a passion for Jet Boats and Jetseeker now produce hulls designed and built by Gareth. Although only young Gareth has accumulated a huge amount of knowledge from both building and fitting out boats but also through the good fortune of being taught by one of the leading Jet Boat builders in New Zealand.  Gareth is weld certified to Marine survey requirements.

Gareth has a flair for design and a fresh approach! This coupled with the knowledge of how and what makes a Jet Boat hull operate to its maximum performance under many variable conditions has resulted in the production of the Jetseeker STALKER, RANGER, COMMANDER and CUSTOM Jet Boat hulls with quality workmanship and finish second to none.

Gareth is always available to discuss any boating requirements you may have or be contemplating for the future.

Whether it be fuel tanks, seat frames, engine lids or anything alloy Gareth is able to help. With new plant throughout including a specifically designed and built Swaging machine, good lines are assured!


Daniel joined Jetseeker in 2011 coming from a background of fabrication in his previous position.

He is an excellent welder fabricator and carries out all aspects of boat building, fabrication and fit outs. Dan has been building up his own jet boat to a very high standard of finish in his spare time.

He has a great eye for detail and this comes through in the quality of workmanship he produces.

Dan lives locally in Darfield and is also a valued member of the Jetseeker Race Team.

He has a great eye for detail


Selwyn has recently joined the Jetseeker team coming from a background of fabrication and engineering. Sel has a passion for boats and is displaying great quality of work and proving himself to be an asset to the team. He is heavily involved in the alterations and fit outs. His experience in fabrication has meant he has very quickly adapted to the requirements of the Jet Boat industry. Sel also lives in Darfield.
Sel has a passion for boats


Administration and Marketing

03 3181 485

Having joined in 2014, Kirstie ensures the smooth running of Jetseeker. Her administration and marketing skills gained in the Real Estate industry is proving to be a huge asset to Jetseeker. Kirstie is developing information packages of Jetseeker products which will make it easier for prospective customers to custom their new boat packages to their own individual requirements.

Kirstie has been around the Jet Boat scene from an early age and is enjoying being involved in the industry.

Kirstie ensures the smooth running of Jetseeker.