Commercial Tour Boats

Jetseeker Velocity Commercial Tour Boat options are now the choice of many operators both within New Zealand and Internationally. Hulls that look like they are travelling at speed even sitting on the trailer offer great looks and performance to match when on the water. The Velocity delivers the ride your passengers are seeking with soft ride and safe, smooth spin ability. The Velocity is built strong and can be customised to your unique requirements. Jetseeker Velocity exceeds Maritime New Zealand Rule 82 requirements in construction and other specifications. Jetseeker is unique in that it has design approval for Maritime New Zealand Rule 40c for non – passenger Commercial Boats.

We have Commercial Tour Boats working throughout New Zealand and Internationally:
South Island New Zealand, Wilkin River x2 Boats
South Island New Zealand, Pelorus River
North Island New Zealand, Wanganui River x5 Boats
North Island New Zealand, Rangatikie River x2 Boats
NIWA New Zealand (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) x3 Boats

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